YogaKula Singapore Yoga Coaching Programmes

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Not too long ago in Dec 2015, I got married to my husband Willy who has been together with me since year 2000. A month later, we found ourselves pregnant. Two years after baby Kay arrived, Kaizen came along as well. We stay with my beloved parents who lovingly help us to take care of Kay and Kaizen when Willy and I are out working. I have a wonderful brother Ken who has a very adorable son, Rio with his wife Jayce. I also have a supersonic strong (physically and mentally) sister Francis. In 2012 however God decided to take my awesome bro-in-law, Jacky back and Francis single-handedly brought up their 4 awesome and super cool kids: Elicia, Xanthia, Linette and Asher. Together we set up a small yoga studio in the north side of Singapore – Yoga Kula.

We started Yoga Kula in Sembawang – the only hot yoga studio in the north side of Singapore. Even though it was a small boutique studio, we were a very closely knitted community. Being the first and only yoga studio in the north, there were many beginners at first. Despite being located high up on a hill, we showed up daily on our mats. We started off as strangers practising side by side but soon as a community we grew and beautiful friendships blossomed.

Currently a mother of 2, beside spending time on the mat, I love my quality time with my family. In my free time, I love doing cooking and sewing – both which require deep focus and concentration – an experience which I find it similar to practising yoga asana.

I am also a yoga teacher. I first jumped onto the mat in year 2007 during a shopathon event to earn a chop on my gamecard! Subsequently, i got addicted to it and continue to practise hot yoga, ashtanga and vinyasa yoga. I am certified in Hatha and Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga and firmly believe in: Keep practicing and all will come!

My classes focus on synchronizing breath with motions to help students achieve a state of moving meditation. Personally for me, practising yoga asanas is just a means to an end. Even though my classes are dynamic and fast-paced, my poses are always modified to ensure that all levels of students are challenged.

Yoga Teacher Mentorship Program

Are you a teacher looking to strengthen your teaching skills? Did you just graduate from a 200hours Yoga Teacher Training and unsure of where to begin or what to do with all the new information? After graduating from a YTT, many graduates find difficulties looking for a teaching position due to their lack of experience and confidence. Many new teachers, through no fault of theirs, found that even with a 200hours training, they do not know how to sequence their own classes, provide verbal or hands-on adjustments to students abilities or read a room. While many teacher training courses teach about yoga, there is a lack of education specifically to teaching yoga classes.

About the program

This is a 6 week course targeting those who already have completed at least a 200hour Yoga Teacher Training Course. Over the course of the 6 weeks, you will be able to fine tune your teaching skills with a customized and flexible program specifically designed to transit you from practice-teaching to your peers to leading a full class to real students. You will develop the confidence and learn to cultivate your own unique style of teaching and authentic voice as a yoga teacher.

What you will learn

Upon completion of the training, you would have learnt:

  • Voice projection and confident presentation in room
  • Verbal and hands-on adjustments
  • Your position and presence in the room
  • Smart, creative and effective sequencing
  • Promote/ market yourself
  • Get/ create the job your want by writing an effective resume
  • Set up your own workshops/ retreats/ training

What’s included in this course

  • 4 one-on-one meetings with Faith
  • at least 4hours of observations/assists/ demonstration in Faith’s classes
  • 2 sessions of class conducted by you for Faith to observe and to give honest and constructive feedbacks – Faith will help to promote and market the 2 classes.
  • Ongoing email support
  • Opportunities to assist during Faith’s classes or retreats
  • Build or fine tune your bio profile and resume
  • Unlimited access to Faith’s yoga classes

This program is ideal for

  • Recent yoga teacher training graduates who did not learn how to sequence their own classes.
  • Yoga teachers who have not taught since their yoga teacher training.
  • YTT graduates who did not learn how to adapt postures to a variety of different body types and abilities.
  • Part-time instructors considering making the leap into teaching yoga as a career.

Private Classes

Whether you are a total beginner looking at starting a yoga practice or a regular practitioner keen to deepen your asana practice, Faith will be able to customize a lesson plan suitable to your needs and learning progress. Private yoga classes can be arranged at your own convenient time and location as well as your own pace.

Private one to one classes as well as private group classes are available. Corporate classes are welcomed as well.

Group Classes

The benefits of group classes are numerous, especially in a fast moving city like Singapore. Very often, we find ourselves being self-centred, very busy with our thoughts and agenda. All these serve as distractions which can prevent us from showing up on the mat.

In a community setting however, we are surrounded by fellow practitioners who are working to find the same energy to master the same yoga forms. There is thus now more support. Even though everyone is still practising individually on their mats, there is a common purpose and thus shared energy within the group under the guidance of one teacher/instructor.

Especially in Faith’s class, students often find it very easy to connect with her and other students through movement and breath. It is easy to feel this shared experience in Faith’s class where students enter the class as individuals but leaving the room as part of a community.

Class Types

Gentle Flow

An excellent practice for calming and grounding. In this class, poses are held long to open the body in a more passive way. A relaxing class and a great complement for active practices. Suitable for all levels.

Basic Yoga

A more gentle form of yoga that focuses on breathing techniques and alignment to achieve a state of relaxation. Poses are modified and made accessible to each student’s individual level. All levels are welcomed but this class is excellent for students who have no prior yoga experience.

Hatha (non-hot) and Hot flow

By synchronizing breaths and movements, hot flow explores postures ranging from backbends, foreword bends, hip openings, arm balances to inversions! This class allows for variety while encouraging students to listen to their own bodies, to examine and to breath. Poses will be modified to suit different levels of students. Each practice is unique, yours alone. Mixed levels class.

Classic Hot

Adapted from the classical bikram yoga – 26 fixed postures and 2 breathing exercises. The series systematically works every part of the body – organs, veins, ligaments and muscles. Coupled with the heat, it helps to bring fresh oxygenated blood to the body, detoxifying the body and keeping it healthy. This class is ideal for all levels.

Hatha Hot

Done in a hot room, this is a more gentle form of yoga that focuses on breathing techniques and alignment to achieve a state of relaxation. Poses are modified and made accessible to each student’s individual level. All levels are welcomed.

Yin Yang Flow

This is a class that combines yin yoga with a flow practice. The Yin part of the class is a gentle and meditative practice thats teaches us to relax while accepting ourselves. Yin poses are typically passively held for longer duration to allow our bodies to relax and for the connective tissues to be deeply but gently stretched. The Yang portion of the class then integrates this openness and awareness into an invigorating vinyasa flow. This is a class that is great for stretching while strengthening the body. Suitable for all levels!

Kids Yoga

A highly energised class for the small ones. Classes are structured in a fun and interactive way to engage the children so that they may reap the benefits of yoga. A great way to increase awareness, patience and build confidence in our children.

Prenatal Yoga

Suitable for pregnant ladies who are in their 2nd or 3rd trimester. The classes include breathing and relaxation techniques as well as poses that promote muscular toning and strengthening. Regular practising of prenatal yoga helps to alleviate pregnancy discomforts and prepare the mother for labour. This is also a great way to connect with other moms-to-be in a supportive and holistic environment. No prior yoga experience.

Mom and Baby Yoga

This is a class to bond with your little one while getting some yoga for both mummy and baby! Learn specific poses to alleviate bodily discomforts for new mommies especially in a holistic and supportive environment. Babywearing yoga as well as baby yoga/massage will be performed for mom and baby bonding. No prior yoga experience required.

Workshops and Retreats

With more than a decade of experience, Faith’s yoga knowledge is evident in how she communicates that with her students. Her workshops and retreats are designed such that students of all levels are able to benefit from them. For enquires or to book a workshop/ retreat with Faith.

200hours Yoga Teacher Training

Interested parties are welcomed to contact Faith if they are unable to make if for the above dates. Faith is open to start a new class whenever there are enough participants

Yoga Teacher Training Objectives:

• :: Intensive and carefully structured course to equip students with all the required skills to become a confident, internationally certified and successful yoga teacher

• :: Comprises of practical training in yogi philosophies, asanas, bandhas, pranayama, teaching skills, anatomy and physiology

• :: To equip trainees to have the confidence and be ready to teach real classes upon graduation based on feedbacks from lead trainers as well as other practitioners.

Admission & Application Guidelines

• + Minimum 1 year of regular practice

• + To apply or enquire, please email Faith at [email protected] and include a picture of yourself in the following asana:

• + A forward bend

• + A backbend

• + An inversion of your own choice eg shoulderstand, plough, headstance etc.

• There must be at least 5 candidates to start the yoga teacher training programme. The number of candidates will be capped at 10.

Course Fees

• + $3299 (inclusive of all teacher training materials and certificate)

• + Full payment must be made upon registration

• + There will be no refunds for cancellations.

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