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The United Overseas Bank, or more fondly known as UOB is an investment banking and financial services group from Singapore. Like every other bank from Singapore, UOB has a very good performance where its net income in 2016 totaled slightly more than SGD8 billion.

Strong and Stable Banking Group

UOB Bank was established in 1935 which means it is almost a decade old. Founded by Mr. Wee Kheng, UOB Bank’s headquarters is in UOB Plaza in Raffles Place. To date, UOB Bank is one of the largest banks in the region where it now operates in about 19 countries where it has about 500 offices worldwide. There are almost 25,000 employees in its payroll and what makes it so popular is that UOB is rated AA- by Standard and Poors. In Singapore alone, it has about 70 branches that offer a full range of corporate and commercial banking services.

The bank was actually started by Wee and 6 of his other friends when it started out as United Chinese Bank. This was intended to target the large Chinese population in the island before it was renamed in 1965 as United Overseas Bank. That was the same year it expanded overseas to Hong Kong. UOB would eventually get involved in other banks like Chung Khiaw Bank, Lee Wah Bank, and many others before it becomes what it is today.

Full range of loans available from UOB

Whether you need some extra cash for the coming holidays or occasion, or for renovation, there will be a specific loan you can apply with UOB to suit your every need. All you need is to be eligible for the loan and you are ready to go. The application process is quick and very easy while you can get approvals quite quickly as well.

Personal Loans for every need

UOB offers a wide range of personal loans for its individual customers. You can choose any of the following loans when you need them.

  • UOB CashPlus – This is one of the newer additions offered by UOB to suit your personal funding needs. You can enjoy low-interest rate from 1.67% per month and you can borrow up to 6 times your monthly salary. You can also choose either the flexible or fixed repayment schedule. Special promotions are available from time to time
  • UOB Funds Transfer – this product is available for those who are in UOB CashPlus customers. In fact, you can enjoy zero % interest-free period and instant approval too
  • UOB Personal Loan – If you choose this standard personal loan package, you can decide on how long you want to pay back which can range between 12 and 60 months. No processing fees are charged while you get to enjoy low-interest rate at 8% per annum. All you need is to earn at least SGD30,000 per year and between 21 and 60 years of age to apply
  • UOB Debt Consolidation Plus – This is one loan that let you manage one single account from the many you might have. Put all your debts into one single account and let UOB manage it for you. In the process, you enjoy lower interest rates and you get to appreciate better financial freedom along the way. On top of that, you get a complimentary Visa Platinum Card from OUB which gives you more flexibility and spending freedom too.

Buy your dream property from UOB

If you have always wanted to buy your dream property, UOB can help you get there by offering a comprehensive list of property loans that are available. With attractive interest rates and among the most flexible payback scheme, you will be spoilt for choice on which property to buy.

  • UOB Private Home Loan – This is one loan package that gives you the financial muscle to buy the private home you need. The most amount required would be acceptable as long as you have the relevant criteria
  • UOB HDB Home Loan – as the name implies, this loan is offered to those looking to buy HDB properties. Occasionally, certain promotions are available like free home appliances when you apply online for this loan
  • UOB Home Construction Loan – this loan provides you with the funding you need to give your home a makeover or repairs it needs. It comes with a very attractive interest rate and flexible repayment schedule
  • International Property Loans – You might be interested to buy a property overseas instead of in Singapore. UOB will be able to assist you in terms of the funding for these properties in countries like Australia, Malaysia, Japan, Thailand and the United Kingdom.
  • UOB Car Loan – This loan is easy to apply as you can do so online and get the car that you want. With an attractive interest rate and simple process, applying for a loan has never been this easy!
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