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Live Twice in Bukit Pasoh, Singapore is a place where unique and special come hand-in-hand. Started by the Jigger & Pony group, this is a place they call a mid-century modern Japanese bar. It draws inspiration from the Ginza bars back in the 60s and is as old-school as one would really imagine. Its vintage and classic furniture and the ambiance pretty much tell you that.

Movie-inspired theme

The owners have put a lot of effort into the interiors of Live Twice with a lot of focus on creating a movie-inspiring outlook with a strong touch of the Japanese scenario. The whole vintage outlook just makes it all the more appealing. Once you are in Live Twice, it feels as if you have been transported into an entirely different world and that is only when the chattery starts. The place is not very big but from the onset, it does have a large personality.

Food and signatures

Bearing in mind the name of this place (twice), you could start with the cocktail menu (which has 2 parts). If you are one who likes standard cocktails, the first section would be up your alley but if you are more adventurous and looking for some Live Twice signature cocktails, check out their second section. This is after all, why you are here in the first place, isn’t it? Manned by Leow Yin Ying behind the bar (a former Diageo World Class Competition winner), each cocktail is specifically designed not to have more than 4 ingredients.

If you really have to choose one, then The Mizuwari which is one that everyone seems to be talking about. Another favorite here is the Salty Dog which comes with gin and juice and made to perfection by this place’s own mixture.

On to the kitchen next. They do have their own izakaya items and they have put as much effort in these as their drinks. Try out their Wasabi Cheese Terrien or the Tuna Katsu. If you are on for something light, the Japanese Sandos here is known to be among the best around. Something heavier or a full meal would be the Beef Katsu Sando made with Japanese mayonnaise and tonkatsu sauce or the Five-Cheese Sando remains as a simple and more common option. A more adventurous item on the menu would be the panko-breaded steak Milky Hokkaido.

Happy parting words

Live Twice is a modern place to dine with a classic look. Anyone who comes here would mostly come for the drinks because they have some of the best cocktails (and really unique ones). Its Japanese interiors, coupled with the cinematic outlook makes it all the more interesting, serving their own recipe of items on the menu. The owners surely knew what they wanted with this place, putting a lot of emphases not only on the food and the outlook but the experience for the diners as well.

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