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The Blackmarket Group Pte Ltd is a collective of cross-disciplined designers with immersed background in Media and the Arts. We at The Blackmarket Group Pte Ltd are known to fine tune ordinary idea into unexpected concepts. Our target is to create every project in an undeniably original fashion.

The Blackmarket Group Pte Ltd is diverse in any aspect of design. Projects ranging from broadcast, illustration, branding, fine art, fashion, literature, interactive media and music. The diversity of our discipline complements and influences the works we produced.

The Blackmarket Group Pte Ltd was founded in late 2008, yet even on its infancy stage we produced works from respected brands like JcDecaux, Mediacorp. Sony Ericsson, Yishion and Swatch group. The Blackmarket Group Pte Ltd is running a retail shop ‘The Blackmarket’ that promotes local and regional designers, helping designers market their beautiful creations both domestically and globally. We at The Blackmarket Group Pte Ltd celebrate design in all of its manifestations.

Contemporary Art Industry in Singapore

The contemporary condition is overwhelmed with the sense of loss. Artistic expression is beginning to reside only in the hearts of creative people. Static thinking of the masses towards these beautiful creatures is brewing due to misplacement of control. We have become commodities, vending machines for the economy.

We are retaliating and rejecting all the ideals of commercial bombardment. A situation, where the focus becomes your own self, like a starving person of the depression era, and you need to be someone by hook or crook. We don’t need condolences on our dead thoughts, we can resurrect. Let our rebel yell resonate again.

We stir creative minds and get our shit together.
Fashion / Design / Video / Installation / Branding / Consultancy

Our clients and working partners: Audi, Blue Black Media

Dope SG: Red in my Head visual exhibition project; Displacement, featuring 10 VJs/Visual artists/Motion graphic designers curated by Blackmarket
Kult, Mercury MC, Music and Movement, Porche HP, Philip Morris, Pull and Bear, Redspade, Universal Studios,
Sony Ericsson, Spa Esprit, St. Regis

Them SG:
Thread on Frame – Fashion Films Presentation curated by blackmarket (Version 1)
TigerTranslate, Zouk, ZoukOut


Sat 30 Nov at La Fenetre Soleil
44, Ly Tu Trong Street, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Everyone is doing their bit to help The Philippines and so are we.

The Philippines has been battered, flattened, sick, thirsty, hungry, anarchy… struck by the world’s strongest typhoon, now It’s ground zero.

What we still have left is hope and soul.
We’ve gathered a line up of Filipino DJs/musicians and guests to perform for this fundraiser event. This is where you come in, where in every little way you can, please help.

CASH DONATIONS will also be collected at the event and it will go to UNICEF Philippines typhoon help funds.

BlackMarket LABELS

9 Fountains / Al & Alicia / Anti-Anti / Better Off Dead / Big Fat Lucha Abandon Baggage / evenodd / Feist Heist / FALSE / Frü Frü & TigerLily / JASON / Lucyd Acyd / NormallyAnormaly / Ober.Blünck / Randomness / Stolen / Sundays / WanderWonder / young&restless / Yumumu / &Larry / 72 Smalldive / AMEN / Andree Weschler / Archetypes / Birds & Co / By Airmail / FARM Books / Juice Wander / Kult3D / Labrador / Lilia Yip / Ling Wu / Mandy Wu / Mau Mau Vintage / Mich Dulce / Mystic Vintage Eyewear / Stone For Gold / The Little Dröm Store / TriggerHappy / Worm Books / Yuki Mitsuyasu

Allthethingsivedone / Anthology / Dead & Not For Sale / Estelle Dévé Jewellery / Form / Gian Romano / Heather Miss Grey / Monday to Sunday / MORO / Nixon Marquez / PainKiller / Proudrace / RBRTH / Stella.R / Super Earth Goods / This Is A Love Song / T-party / Trimode Accessories / Victor Banks

Black Heart / Does Not Equal / Erica Weiner / Etat Libre d’Orange / Garnet London For Lilia Yip / Kobe Husk / Kusbi / Juliette Has A Gun / RottenFresh / Tauer Perfumes / Waiting For The Sun / WrkRoom

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