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In an effort to control illegal gambling among Singaporeans in 1960s, Singapore Pools was established under its government as a platform for the citizens to place a bet in any of the legal games offered. Founded in 1968, Singapore Pools is now a subsidiary of Tote Board under scrutiny and observation of the Ministry of Finance.

Singapore Pools is there to serve the community needs and desires to place a bet in legal games while government tried to counter against illegal betting syndicates since late 1960s. The company conducts approximately 250 draws annually to attract and generate more revenue.

Basically, the people can place bet in any of the games offered namely Singapore Sweep, Scratchit, 4D as well as Toto. Besides that, the community can also place their bets on international football matches and Motor Racing. You name it, they got it!

This is a place for you to become rich instantly as you can easily walk-away with cash prizes (that depends on your luck). Singapore Pools is a certified body under World Lottery Association (WLA). No worries about fairness of the game since Singapore Pools conduct it fairly as members of the public can witness the drawing process.

Bear in mind that Singapore Pools also give back to the community from the revenues generated from the people. For example, Singapore Pools recently initiated i SHINE to push volunteerism among the support staffs.

This is in line with Singapore Pools’ vision and objective to become a leading gaming company that serves the need of community as well giving back to the society. Besides offering good returns to the community, Singapore Pools ensure the best services to all the customers. The company strives for improvement from time to time with the staffs providing first-class services for not only regular customers but also first-time gamers.

It all started in late 1960s when triads and illegal gambling syndicates were blooming in the market. Government then decided to curb and counter against those illegal syndicates by proposing a legal lottery operator, Singapore Pools.

The company began with Toto and subsequently, followed by Singapore Sweep a year later. Starting from small booths, the company expanded in few years time when they decided to introduce and bring more new exciting games to the people such as 4D.

With today’s technology advancement (Singapore Pools changed to computerized gaming system), community can now place their bets on football tournaments through SCORE and STRIKE!. To convenient its customer, Singapore Pools adopted Account Betting service.

TOTO Singapore

For first-time gamers, you need to understand the rules and regulations before placing bets for Toto. You have to pick six numbers ranging from 1 and 45. Well, if you have no idea on the numbers to pick, request for a QuickPick as the computer will randomly generate a set of numbers for you.

If the numbers you pick match the six winning numbers, then you will walk-away with cash prizes offered. You may also pick an additional number – six numbers and one extra number. In that case, if three of your numbers match the results complete with the additional number, you also stand a chance to walk-away with a prize.

There are two draws weekly – Mondays and Thursdays. You may place your bet a week before the draw date but remember to purchase the ticket by 6 pm on the draw day.

Generally, there are three bet types – ordinary entry, system roll and entry. Ordinary entry is a combination of six numbers ranging from 1 and 45. You are not allowed to place your bet through telephone. Meanwhile, system entry enables you to pick between 7 and 12 numbers also ranging from 1 to 45.

On the other hand, system rolls allow you to select five numbers only. Players need to pick one remaining number from 40 numbers that have not been picked from the combination. Minimum bet for Toto is $1.00.

There are six groups of prizes for the winners total up to 54 percent of Toto sales for every draw. This indicates first prize winner with six matching numbers can walk away with 33 percent, second prize (five matching numbers with or without the additional number) can collect 13 percent, four matching numbers with the additional number also walk-away with 13 percent while the remaining group five and six can collect $30 and $20 for each combination.

In order to purchase the ticket, just walk-in to any Singapore Pools outlet or you may also get it from PoolzConnect. Mark the numbers you picked on the slip before handing it to the counter. Your Toto ticket should contain the logo, entry type, your choice of numbers, draw date, security number, ticket price as well as barcode. This is to convenient you should you win to claim your prize.

You may check the results straight away on the website after each draw. For those without Internet connection, just check the results from any Singapore Pools outlet the next day. The most important tip for all – keep and take care of the ticket to enable the counter to verify it when you claim your prize.

4D Singapore

Four-digit number game allows players to pick randomly a combination of four numbers ranging between 0000 and 9999. To play the game, first you need to understand the rules and regulations imposed by Singapore Pools. Players can walk-away with a prize if their selections match one of the 23 4-digit numbers drawn by Singapore Pools.

Take note on draw dates of the week – every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. Similar to Toto, players can purchase the ticket a week before the official draw date and the counter closes at 6 pm on the draw day.

There are several ways to play 4D – ordinary entry, System Entry, 4D Roll, iBet, QuickPick, Small and Big Bet. With ordinary entry, you must place your bet on a specific 4-digit number meanwhile system entry allows you to place your bet on any permutations of 4-digit numbers (there are a total of 24 permutations).

One of the unique ways to play 4D – 4D Roll allows you to replace one of the four combinations with R. For example, you can purchase R345, 67R8, 1R56 or R935. But bear in mind, you can only replace R for one of the digits. On another note, you are not allowed to purchase iBet (another form of bet types) through telephone.

For beginners, if you do not have any numbers in mind but yet you would like to try your luck in 4D, go for QuickPick. Computer at the counters will generate four numbers randomly for you.

Finally, for Big and Small Bet – you need to understand that small bet offers top three prizes for players while you can walk-away with any of the total 23 winning numbers for Big Bet.

Basically, if you want to purchase 4D ticket, walk-in to any Singapore Pools outlet and mark your selection on the slip available. Then, hand-in the slip to the counter. Drawing time for 4D on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays are between 6.30 and 7 pm.

You get to witness the draws in selected Singapore Pools branches via live telecasts. If the numbers you picked match any of the winning four-digit drawn, remember to collect your prize within 90 days from the draw date.

Keep your ticket as you need to give it to the office when you claim your prize. Hence, do not write or draw anything on the ticket. When you collect your winnings, staffs from Singapore Pools will verify the security code on your ticket. Therefore, when you purchase the ticket, check that it contains security number, barcode, the numbers you picked and bet amount.

Singapore Sweep

Who wants to be a millionaire? Yes, if you are striving to become the next millionaire, then what are you waiting for? Purchase the Singapore Sweep lottery ticket to win big bucks. Well, you should try your luck today since each ticket costs $3 only.

Draws will be conducted once a month only (falls on first Wednesday). You need to match the seven digits printed on your ticket with one of the 133 7-digit numbers drawn to win any of the prizes listed by the game operator.

Besides matching the 7-digit numbers, also check the alphabet with the Super Sweep Prize number drawn. If it appears to be similar, then you’ll walk-away with $300,000 or even more than that amount!

Besides the grand prize, players also get to collect consolation winnings. It is rather easy. Just match the last three digits of your seven numbers to one of the last three digits of the total 15 numbers drawn. Finally, Singapore Pools also offers prizes if your first 5 digits similar to Cascade Prize number drawn.

Those who are interested in purchasing the lottery ticket, you can easily get it from authorized agents, any of the Singapore Pools outlets, selected 7-Eleven stores and Cheers stores located within Esso Service Stations.

You can collect your winnings sharp at 8 am, a day after the draw date. Of course, you need to collect the prize within 90 days from the draw date. The total of Super Sweep prize amounts up to $5,790,000. Hence, first prize winner gets to walk-away with $2,200,000 while second and third prize winner – $500,000 and $250,000.

Those who purchased the ticket can check the website right after the draw process ends. Or else, you will have to go to any of Singapore Pools outlets to find out the results. Winners have to claim the prize in person during business hours from 8 am to 5 pm.

If there is no match or winners for a particular draw, then the prize shall be carried forward or more commonly known as snowballed for the upcoming draw.


Scratchit consists a series of closed games such as Race Champion, Victory Lap, Night Circuit, Singapore Circuit, Speed Action, Extreme Machine, High Flyer, Race Fever, Ready Go!, Pole Position, Fast Finish, Fast Start and Turbo Charge.

Each Race Champion ticket costs $2 only. Once you purchase the ticket, all you have to do is scratch two columns – Lucky Numbers and Your Numbers. In order to claim a prize, you must match Lucky Numbers with Your Numbers. The prize amount is shown at Your Numbers. Additional $10 if Your Numbers column consists a race car image. Grand prize winners stand a chance to walk-away with $25,000.

Another simple game that allows you to win big bucks, Victory Lap ticket costs $1 only. Similar to Race Champion, you need to scratch the column that contains 8 dollar symbols. Then, in order to win the grand prize of $10,000, search for 3 matching dollar symbols in whatever position available.

Night Circuit Series allows you to win up to 5 times for each ticket. Once you scratch Your Symbols panel and it reveals 2X symbol, then you get to walk-away with double prize. Just scratch and match images that appear in Lucky Symbols and Your Symbols to be declared the next winner.

Singapore Circuit Series also consist of Lucky Symbols and Your Symbols panel. You need to scratch and match the panels to win any of the prizes offered. To check how much you have won for each draw, scratch the Wine Glass panel. If you are lucky enough, you get to double or triple the winnings (if symbols 2X or 3X appear on the ticket).

Speed Action ticket costs $1 only and it contains 3 panels – Game 1, 2 and 3. You need to match dollar symbols in each game panel to walk-away with the prizes available. Grand prize winners stand a chance to win $10,000.

Another closed games with Lucky Symbols and Your Symbols panel, Extreme Machine ticket costs $2 only. If you aim to win big bucks, then fork out a little bit extra – $5 for High Flyer Series. It offers $60,000 for two grand prize winners. Race Fever Series is similar to Speed Action. The ticket has 3 panels.

Ready, Go! is slightly different from other closed games. Even though the ticket has 3 panels – Your Symbols, Lucky Symbols 1 and Lucky Symbols 2, you need to match items and images from 3 panels to walk-away with cash prizes.

Pole Position Series is a combination of five games and has an additional spot. Since it is harder to match all the symbols in the total five panels, hence, only one can win $168,000.

Fast Finish Series and Fast Start Series have similar rules and regulations for you to walk-away with the cash prizes offered. Finally, Turbo Charge ticket that costs $2 consists only Lucky Car Plate Numbers and the Your Car Plate Numbers panels. So, just scratch and match the numbers printed on the panels.


What exactly is PoolzConnect? This is a service to allow the people to place using phone. Therefore, if you are not free to go to any Singapore Pools outlets, then PoolzConnect is here to make your life easier. Without the hassle of queuing up at Singapore Pools counter, you may place by dialing Lottery or Sports Purchasing Line.

For those who would like to place for lottery, dial the specific numbers and follow accordingly to the instructions. Wait for the instructions before pressing your selections via the phone’s keypad. On the other hand, if you are interested in Sports Entry, you are required to talk to a customer service representative. Punters can choose either to converse in Chinese or English.

With PoolzConnect, you can place at the very last minute as it is also available 5 minutes before the event begins. Imagine buying the very last minute by queuing at the counter with lots of people in front of you. You can never make it! But with PoolzConnect, with a simple call, you may place from the comfort of your home.

Besides that, you do not have to rush to Singapore Pools outlet to purchase the ticket Sports event. You can practically buy anytime, anywhere as long as you have phone with you.

If you are worried about the security, Singapore Pools assure you the most secure services. You will be given PIN to protect the account. Best of all, if you buy through PoolzConnect, you do not have to worry about the ticket. If you win, Singapore Pools will debit the winnings directly to your account.

If you want to check whether the transaction is successful or otherwise, you can keep track of it through PoolzConnect Member Website. Basically, there are two types of PoolzConnect account offered by Singapore Pools – Platinum and Gold.

Both accounts allow you to buy for Sports, Toto and 4D. Punters can register for an account provided you are 21 years and above. For Platinum account, you need to have a minimum of $30,000 income per annum or at least $3,000 in your existing bank account. Hence, you do not need to pay to open an account. On the other hand, anyone can open Gold account by debiting $250 into it.

Information about draws

Before you place your bets with Singapore Pools, try to understand the rules and regulations as well as get to know the draw process. There are more than 250 draws conducted annually specifically for Toto, 4D as well as Singapore Sweep.

So, you actually stand a chance to win big bucks if you participate and place your bets starting from today! The draw process is conducted with the presence of professionals from public accounting firm to ensure that the results are fair and square.

Draw days for Toto fall respectively on Mondays and Thursday, while 4D is conducted every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday and finally, Singapore Sweep is conducted once every month – first Wednesday of the month. Usually, more than 200 people will watch the draw process (as long as you are above 18 years old).

Besides watching it at the main branch, members of the public can also watch live telecasts from selected Singapore Pools outlets/branches. There are a total of 11 steps for each draw process.

Singapore Pools plan ahead of the draw by taking into consideration the pre, actual as well as post draw activities observed by an independent public accounting firm. Then on the draw day, staffs will use a computer software programme to pick which draw machine and ball used for the event set that day.

After selecting particular draw machine and ball, they will unseal it from the equipment room. It will be transferred directly to the Draw hall ready for the night’s event. The whole process is witnessed by accounting firm.

Then, the balls are weighed to ensure each is equal to another. Minutes before the draw process, draw balls will be inserted into the machine via the controller. The announcer will read out loud when each is inserted into the machine.

The draw begins right on time. Members of the public can also witness it at the main branch or live telecasts at selected Singapore branches. At times, public are invited to assist the draw. It shows that the draw process is absolutely fair. The selected member of public then must press the switch to begin the draw process.

Balls will rotate until one drops/ejects into the compartment. The results would be recorded and ends when the winning numbers are drawn. Staffs would pack the equipments once again witnessed by the accounting firm. Personnel will key in the winning results into computer before releasing it to the public.

Motor Racing

Singapore Pools offer a total of 17 races to give more choices to members of public to bet. It is rather easy to place your bets for motor racing. All you need to do is to pick the right driver and team combination that matches the results. Basically, Singapore Pools offer 23 bet types for all.

Besides queuing at Singapore Pools outlet to place your bet, punters may also subscribe to PoolzConnect and place their bets via phone from the comfort of their home. If you are placing your bets through PoolzConnect, remember to take note on your bet type number, event number and selection.

You must at least bet $5 for each race. To ensure a higher winning percentage, surf the official website for the updated odds. Punters are reminded to purchase the ticket 5 minutes prior to the race.

For those who are queuing to purchase the ticket from Singapore Pools counter, get a slip and mark your selection before handing in to the staffs. Ensure that you have mark the slip accurately based on your choice. The company will not refund or cancel once they print out the tickets.

The counter will provide you a ticket if you purchase it directly from the booth. Inspect that the ticket contains information on the race event, bet type, selection and odds, bet amount, purchase date and time, security number as well as barcode. This will help when you claim your prize as staffs need to verify the details printed on it. Meanwhile, those who placed their bets via PoolzConnect, Singapore Pools will not issue any tickets as they will debit the winnings directly into your account.

On another note, remember to claim your prize within 90 days of the race date. You can check the results from the official website or visit any Singapore Pools outlets the next day.

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