Singapore Government Family Assistance

Marriage & Parenthood Schemes

What you should know

Many Singaporeans want to get married and have more children. However, some are deterred by the perceived challenges of raising a family – such as lack of time with their children, shortage of child care options, and an imbalance between work and family life. In response to these concerns, and to help Singaporeans realise their dreams of having bigger families, the Government has enhanced existing pro-family measures and introduced new initiatives to create a more conducive environment for you to start and raise a family. These schemes are aimed at making Singapore a great place for families.

Getting Married
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Buying of new flats
– Fiance/Fiancee  Scheme
– Staggered Downpayment Scheme
– Married Child Priority Scheme

Buying of resale flats
– Fiance/Fiancee  Scheme
– CPF Housing Grant Scheme for Family

Social Development
– Social Development Unit 
– Social Development Service

Having Children
– Enhanced use of Medisave for Assisted Conception Procedure 
– Use of Medisave Maternity Package for Pre-Delivery Medical Expenses
– Extension of Usage of Medisave to 4th and Higher Order Births
– Third Child Priority Scheme to buy new flats

Raising Children
– Enhanced Baby Bonus 
– Parenthood Tax Relief 
– Working Mother’s Child Relief
– Qualifying Child Relief 
– Handicapped Child Relief

Caring Children
– Grandparent Caregiver Relief 
– Statutory Childcare Leave 
– Government-Paid Maternity Leave 
– Centre-Based Infant & Child Care Subsidy 
– Concession on Foreign Maid Levy

Balancing Work and Family
– Work-Life Works! (WOW) Fund

For Enquiries on: Numbers Email for Queries
Baby Bonus 1800 253 7707 [email protected]
Childcare Leave 6317 1182 [email protected]
Maternity Leave Reimbursement issues 1800 227 1188 [email protected]
Maternity Leave Disputes 6317 1182 [email protected]
Foreign Domestic Worker Levy Concession 6483 5122 [email protected]
Work Life Works Fund 6438 5122 [email protected]
Use of Medisave 1800 225 4122 [email protected]
Tax Measures 1800 356 8300 [email protected]
Child care or infantcare subsidy 1800 258 5812 [email protected]
CPF Grant Top Up 1800 225 5432 [email protected]