Are you ready for being a parent

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Parenthood is a life-long commitment that takes up a lot of your time and money. Yet, many parents that we speak to would not trade the experience for anything else. How do you know you’re ready to make the jump from couplehood to parenthood?

We ask parents for their take on parenting and this is what they say:

“My hubby and I decided to have a baby as we felt that it was about time that we did, as I wasn’t getting any younger. I now know that having a child is a life-changing experience and I’m now not able to do the things I used to love doing, like going to the movies, dinners or clubbing. But I will not trade this for anything else, especially when you see the little face smiling back at you.”
Karen Chow, mother to Ryan, 2.

“We didn’t consciously know that we were ready to start a family, we kind of let nature take its course. We decided to handle whatever that was being thrown at us with enthusiasm. The thing that I didn’t expect prior to becoming a parent myself is the special bond that I now have with my kids, which is something that never had with my mother when I was younger.”
Serena Ho, mother to Matthew, 16 and Nicole, 14.

“The experience of fatherhood has made me think about the meaning of ‘life’. It’s also forced me to look at myself and take responsibility seriously. It was not a question of readiness when my wife and I decided to have kids, the same way as there’s no guarantee for a happy marriage if you have attained the 5Cs. In their own time, people will just know that the time is right for them to start a family. So that’s what happened to us and we’ve never looked back since.”
Nicholas Huang, father to Niko Huang, 3

“Both my husband and I love kids so to have a kid of our own was like an extension of our love. The need to start a family was not something I was conscious of. It was sort of like an instinct. And since becoming a parent, I’ve become more appreciative of my own mother and have become more aware of the sacrifices my parents had done for me.”
Shenielle Aloysis Joseph, mother to Tristan, 4.

“The side of parenting that hit me like a ton of bricks is the quarrels and misunderstandings revolving around anything from what-to-eat-for-dinner school debates to you-were-not-listening-to-me mammoth-sized ones. But I have to add, this is nothing compared to what my wife has to go through when she became a stay-home mum. Even after all this, we will still like to have at least two kids. ”
Jeremiah Kwok, father to Jessiree, 17-and-a-half months

“Since having our two children, we have learnt to treasure our lives more. We’ve also been forced to change our lifestyle so it’s healthier, more hygienic and financially stable. The only thing that I didn’t give much thought to before becoming parents was the amount of influence we’d have on our children. This has put a certain kind of restraint on our freedom as there are now eyes observing our every move. But nevertheless, our children have been a joyful complement to the family.”
Jonathan Cheong, father to Jazzy, 7, and Jazzmin, 4.

“My experience of motherhood has taught me to be more patient and understanding. So far I’ve really enjoyed the experience and the satisfaction parenthood has brought to my husband and I. The one aspect I didn’t expect from parenthood is that time seems to fly by so fast. In a way this is a reminder that we should cherish every little moment we have with our children because they will grow up so fast, right before your eyes.”
Eva Dewi Surya, mother to Michelle, 4 and Isabelle, 3 months.

“The idea of having a baby came naturally to us as we both thought that babies would complete our lives. Before my son was born, we’d heard a lot of ‘horror’ stories about parenting so we were actually prepared for the worst. But the unexpected thing is that, despite all the hard work and sacrifices, parenthood is not as bad as others have described it to be. In fact, we have thoroughly enjoyed it because it’s brought us joy beyond our wildest imagination!”
David Woon, father to Xavier, 10 months.

“We never consciously planned to start a family. The moment my wife got pregnant, I had to be ready, regardless of whether I was mentally prepared for a baby or not. But being a father is the greatest feeling that you can imagine. Parenthood has turned me into a better person as I’ve grown to be more responsible and tolerant. Though sometimes it can be tough to try to manage sibling rivalry and giving my two kids equal privileges, I’ve never wanted my life to be otherwise.”
Othniel Liew, father to Constance, 4 and Ethan, 2.

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