Out In Singapore – Where is the Gay and Lesbian community?

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Huanwu Li & Yirui Heng

31 / 27

Male / Male

Gay / Gay

Born in Singapore / Born in Singapore

General Manager / Veterinarian


SINGAPORE  City-state located in the south of the Malay Peninsula, at only 137km north of the equator. Mainly populated by descendants of Chinese, but also of Malay and Indian. The diversity of languages, cultures and religions can be seen everywhere in the architecture, the food traditions, … and these are all reasons to visit this modern Asian city. Tourists will enjoy clean and green environment, meet modernity and traditions. Due to its geographical position, Singapore is the gateway to Southeast Asian countries, or a step between Europe and Australia.

GAY Singapore is a conservative society based on heterosexual family. After review of Penal Code in 2007, oral and anal sex were legalised for heterosexuals and lesbians, but not for male homosexuals. Sexual activity between consenting men is still considered as gross indecency. Though in recent years, many gay venues, massages, sauna, have opened and gay Singaporeans are no more hidden.

WARNING Sexual activity between men is illegal. Therefore, discretion is required.

Absolute Exhilaration

Introducing Absolute, a brand new all men’s club set to charge you with an adrenalin rush.

Conveniently nestled within Singapore’s Chinatown district, you’re just steps away from an Absolutely amazing experience!

Spanning across multi-levels of excitement inclusive of a rooftop cafe overlooking the hustle and bustle of Chinatown, Absolute is set to be the latest venue to hook up with new friends or meet up with old ones.

Located at the exact premises of the former ‘Niche’ club, come witness for yourself the transformation as a whole new sensation takes place in a space all too familiar.

So what are you waiting for? Visit us today to experience for yourself Absolute excitement!

(Located at where ‘Niche’ formerly is, entry by the ground floor to 2nd level. Rain or shine, Absolute is always sheltered from Chinatown MRT Exit A on your left.)

Welcome to Gay WebChannel’s Online Gay Social Media LGBT Resource Community,

Thank you for visiting us today, before you leave have you felt your Gay Empowerment today? How you ask? Simply by joining in with us or any LGBT community discussions worldwide showing your support by sharing with others educating them. Be proud of who you are, take a stand against any form of discrimination towards the LGBT community, such as Lady Gaga with her fight to repeal our government’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy.

GayWebChanel.com was purchased many years ago, with intentions to one day develop a site for the LGBT community. Today this is happening, at this time 100 Gay Social Media LGBT Resource Community channels have been developed individually as well as one in that they are all related to each other. It is our goal to offer a one-stop location that anything a LGBT person would need to know, need to learn, need to locate, need to learn more before purchase, or just needed something to do shall find it all here among the Online Gay Social Media LGBT Resource Community sites. Before we go much future we want to make it very clear this site along with all of it’s community sites are not adult related content sites and there will be zero tolerance in such from any member’s attempting to post such. There is plenty of that on the web so please respect us in this policy.

If you have any concerns, complaints, comments, or suggestions how this community can help yourself or others let us know. If you have a passion deep within you that is burning to get out, to give it your all and help the LGBT community today as well as long after we’re gone, with little or no expectation of getting rich with cash, however what you will get cash could never be as great. If this is you we love to hear from you call us at (347) 855-LGBT.

One day the LGBT community and all communities of this world shall live among society as one equal partner, maybe not in some of ours lifetime but one day it will happen. It’s time to put aside the ignorance, realize that for decades the LGBT subject has been debated on that, pure simple ignorance. It’s easier, the unknown scares most and that’s OK, just understand that the LGBT community is not here to hurt you we just want what everyone has, Equality.

Enjoy your visit and we look forward to your return. Be sure to subscribe to our news letter, by subscribing you’ll know the latest on any Online Gay Social Media LGBT Resource Community sites.

Ron Perkey,
CEO & Founder of GayWebChannel’s Gay Social Media LGBT Resource Community.

“We’re not an agency; we’re a way of thinking openly for gay social media.”

Find Single Gay Men in Singapore

Whether you like chatting to make new friends, to develop meaningful friendships or only to have laughs with various people on a daily basis, this site can function as a great add-on to your social life.

Indeed, it may even totally change your social situation if you live in remote regions or if you don’t like going out. It is perhaps somewhat ironic, but we can meet more people from our town or city online than we meet in the actual place where we live.

The fact is, you can use our site to meet single guys in your area, and after a period of time getting to know that person – whether an hour, day or week – you can be out on a real date. Other guys are content cultivating purely online relationships.


People seek different things in chat; some desire intimacy, others mindless banter and still others want to get it on as soon as possible. With so many gay guys online at any moment, you won’t have a problem finding someone who meets your level of interest.

Gay Chatting in Singapore

Chat with countless guys from Singapore without leaving the comfort of your home. Talk about silly things or about something more engaging. Have a laugh or find support on a personal problem. There are endless numbers of guys ready to talk to you!

Gay Singapore Chat Room

When you want some privacy to talk to that special guy, someone you know well or whom you’ve just met, a chat room provides you the privacy you want to devote quality attention to the special guy. You may prefer to use the opportunity to throw a small but exclusive party with your favorite guys.

Gay Singapore Dating

Feeling frisky? Perhaps you would prefer to go on a date but you haven’t the slightest notion where, or even with whom? Find dates online, or ask guys to dating chat, where sexual attraction gleaned from photos and romantic interests join in a chat experience to create steamy chat sessions.

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