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Not so long ago, our American founders embarked on a humble quest to bring a little piece of the Big City they loved to the tropical shores of Singapore. Their restaurant, The New York Dessert Café quickly became a favourite haunt and meeting place of many; a chillout pad for friends and family to share a meal, celebrate over a slice of cake or just simply catch up over a cup of coffee.

A decade later, nydc is still that same home away from home; for the many who have come to know and love it (you know who you are!) Yes, the menus got bigger and better with an even larger array of signature desserts, beverages and entrées..and the space remained a bastion of the fun, cool and hip crowd(ahem, if they may say so ourselves!) Today, as part of the Singapore-based lifestyle conglomerate, SUTL group, nydc‘s simple yet winning formula is poised to bring nydc‘s brand of fun and food to every major city in Asia and beyond. But don’t you worry, they won’t let it get to our heads. At the heart of all they aspire, nydc will remain true to itself — a fun, dynamic and cosmopolitan place for great food, desserts, beverages and not forgetting the company of good friends.

They are proud to present you with our fresh new menu look (they know you were getting bored with the last). They’ve kept your all-time favourite desserts and added some stuff that’ll make a crooked man honest (honest!). Not only that, they’ve expanded our main items (they hope that you will come to love!) If you don’t know where to start, talk to our servers for their recommendations (they may seem a little crazy but they won’t bite!).

The NYDC Brand

nydc is a cosmopolitan brand. They are born in the big city, where multitudes of people from all walks of life mingle, forging dreams as they work and play. They may hail from different cultures, they may have different callings, but they share the same city, the same space.

nydc is a dynamic brand, bursting with the zest of the metropolis, where energy refuses to ebb, and activity electrifies the air they breathe. They are vibrant, and live to the max. For every moment of life is truly worth savoring.

nydc is a place for celebration. There is so much in life to be glad for. So much that is worth celebrating. Celebrate every success. Celebrate every heart break. Celebrate our unity. Celebrate our differences. Celebrate each moment gone by. Celebrate the future. Celebrate the gift of life.

nydc is a place for bonding. It is where friends meet to share their joy and sadness, their wildest ideas and impossible dreams. It is where acquaintances become life-long friends, where they jest and exchange their experiences. It is where families gather to sup together, and delight in the presence of one another.

nydc is tribal. In an ever-changing city where nothing stays the same, where things come and go in the twinkling of an eye, they preserve a space where tribes of friends and families can find one another, and relish the community and intimacy they share.

NYDC Franchise

They’re always on the lookout for people who are as passionate about food and hospitality as they are. If you’re excited about our business, and would like to explore starting an nydc in your neck of the woods, please download and read about our Franchise here. If you’re still interested, lets talk! You might just be making grandma go nuts* sooner then you know.

*They assume you know grandma goes nuts is a popular nydc dessert… They would never suggest aggravating gramps!!

Menu Introduction

Hey there!

Not familiar with our menu offerings? Check out our Desserts Journal for celebrated cheesecakes, famed mudpies and a dizzying array of sundaes and beverages. It’s ok to give in to desires.
(They won’t tell if you do)

For the savoury stuff, check out our Featured Entreés or click on to the Entrée Journal for the full spread.

buffalo chicken wings Seasoned chicken wings crispy fried and dipped in buffalo sauce. All the flavors without the fire.

mushroom madness nydc original garlic sauce, topped with fresh mushrooms and mozzarella cheese.

fish and chips Hand battered fillets and golden fried with tartar sauce on the side.

boo boo Cakes

nydc friends’ “fav” chocolate cake!

Whole: Approximate 1kg, 9″ diameter
Dome shape

wall street carrot cake

Deliciously moist carrot cake baked with freshly grated carrots and chopped walnuts. Piled high with cream cheese icing and chunks of exquisite walnuts. Stock prices won’t crash on this.

Whole: Approximate 1kg, 12″ diameter
Round shape

chocolate addiction

A light cake of white and dark chocolate, popular for birthdays and celebrations.

Whole: Approximate 1kg, 9″ / 9″x9″
Round/Square/Heart shape

Mini: Approximate 500gm, 7″ diameter
Round shape

Special: Approximate 2kg, 12″ / 12″x12″
Approximate 3kg, 11″x15″
Rectangle shape
Approximate 4kg, 15″x15″
Square shape

Cake: grandma goes nuts, seriously!

You won’t believe how nuttylicious this is! Nutty Nougat and Macadamia Nut ice-cream on an Oreo base, topped with hazelnut syrup, chocolate fudge sauce and whipped cream.

berry dark mocha elephanccino™

Supersized mocha flavoured with raspberry syrup and whipped cream. Serve hot or iced.

Events & Catering

Got a big event or celebrations comin’ along?

At nydc, they believe every part of life deserves to be fully celebrated. Be it a birthday, a reunion, an anniversary, or even a casual meeting with friends. The important thing is to live the moment and cherish every second in each other’s presence.

If you’ve realized… life’s been hectic these years (yes, they know, they are party of this city too). Why not take time out to savor the little things (the important things) in life with your families and loved ones?

Let us help you to arrange that surprise birthday bash or anniversary!

The nydc events team has extraordinary ideas to add spark and personal touch to your unique event. From creating the perfect menu to keeping your guests entertained and arranging for party favors, they can take care of it all.

Most importantly, our nydc events team is dedicated to making your event successful and memorable. For hassle-free event management, contact us today at [email protected]. They just can’t wait to have some fun!

At nydc, as always, “To Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness”.

Restaurant Locations

Holland Village
Address : 30 Lorong Mambong Singapore 277688
Tel : 6469 2998
Fax : 6469 0109
Operating Hours : Sun — Thurs 11.30am to 11.00pm
Fri, Sat & Eve of PH 11.30am to 2.00am
Wheelock Place
Address : 501 Orchard Road #02-19 Singapore 238880
Tel : 6736 3253
Fax : 6736 3254
Operating Hours : Sun — Thurs 11.30am to 10.30pm
Fri, Sat & Eve of PH 11.30am to 11.00pm
Bugis Junction
Address : 200 Victoria Street #02-47/48 Singapore 188021
Tel : 6333 3161
Fax : 6333 3162
Operating Hours : Sun — Thurs 11.30am to 10.30pm
Fri, Sat & Eve of PH 11.30am to 11.00pm
Velocity @ Novena Square
Address : 238 Thomson Road #03-26/27 Singapore 307683
Tel : 6358 4924
Fax : 6358 4021
Operating Hours : Mon — Sun 11.30am to 10.00pm
Tampines 1
Address : 10 Tampines Central 1 #02-09/10 Singapore 529536
Tel : 6588 1592
Fax : 6588 1593
Operating Hours : Mon — Sun 11.30am to 10.00pm
Bedok Point
Address : 799 New Upper Changi Road #01-09 Singapore 467351
Tel : 6484 1650
Fax : 6484 1651
Operating Hours : Mon — Thurs 11.30am to 1.00am
Fri — Sun, Eve of PH & PH 11.30am to 3.00am
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