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MovieMob is a free Outdoor Drive-In Movie Screening concept that takes place in all locations all around Singapore.
Since its inception in 2009 till date, we have had at least 200 Drive-In cars per MovieMob event and about 600-800 pax per MovieMob Picnic Event.

In addition to this, we have built a community of MovieMobbers that number 40,000 in database and 18,000 in FaceBook Fans. MovieMobbers also can vote their favourite Movies prior to the Movie Event.

Vote for your preferred movie, clear your schedule, and round up your best buds.
Come join us for for weekend movie screenings all around Singapore!

We’ve come up with a can’t-go-no-wrong (Murphy-prohibited) step-by-step guide to enjoying free weekend movies with us.
Of course, feel free to break the rules.


Watch a movie from the comfort of your own car or under the stars in a picnic setting. MovieMob presents you with an unmatched outdoor movie experience for both drive-ins


Planning a family day, community day or a corporate function for your company? MovieMob is the unique, one-of-a-kind event that you seek.


Be it superheroes or Halloween horrors, Fast ‘n Furious stunt riders, a dark circus or a heartfelt marriage proposal, our themed movie screenings are tastefully done up with ambience decor and exciting fringe activities!


If you can’t take the heat, we’ll give you indoors. How would you like to entice or reward shoppers with an in-mall (or indoor) movie screening?


When a single movie screening isn’t enough, screen more. We hold movie marathons for the hardcore buffs. Pool screenings are also available.

Why waste money going to cinema if you can save money for your next vacations with Moviemob

Moviemob is the best way to save money for your entire family and no risk of getting any personal loans from Singapore banks.

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