Jobs in Singapore

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Singapore, being one of the top economies in the world attracts a lot of talents and skilled-workers. It is among the most fast-paced economies while offering some of the best jobs in the world today.

Singapore and jobs

What makes Singapore such an attractive place to work in is mainly because of the benefits and its environment. As Singapore houses one of the most fast-paced environments globally, it provides the platform for highly competitive jobs. Coupled with a strong currency, it becomes a destination of choice for employees particularly from the surrounding region.

Current Job Market

The current job market in Singapore is very much kept abreast of its time. Digitization remains the current buzz word in human resources thereby influencing how people are looking for jobs. Among the job categories in Singapore are as follow:

Information Technology

Although a lot has been said about the IT industry globally, this sector continues to bring in the demands for workers. While entry-level IT jobs like Technical Support and Data centre Personnel are no longer as sought after, more specialized positions are still very much in demand. This include jobs like:

  1. Software Engineers
  2. Big data
  3. Cloud – Solution Architects
  4. Forensic Technology
  5. Data Analytics
  6. Business Intelligence Specialists
  7. IT Project Managers

Money Markets

The accounting and finance sectors have often been one of the most demanded sectors when it comes to job. Graduates in these areas can find jobs in auditing and taxation while many become accountants as well. Meanwhile, financial analysts have always been demanded in Singapore and this landscape has not changed much. In fact, financial specialists would need to continue learning new trends and platforms in order to stay relevant. This includes learning about new markets such as digital currency or cyptocurrencies. Another area that has been growing in demand is in the actuarial science.

Marketing and Sales

This is one category which has been very stable for decades now. However, marketers find themselves competing with being relevant with the advent of technology. Conventional sales and marketing will no longer be enough and they need to embrace the likes of digital and social marketing in order to stay ahead of their games. As such, jobs in these sectors would now require new skillsets and knowledge, particularly in the growing market like Singapore.

Manufacturing and Factory

While some might regard this as a blue-collar job, the manufacturing industry of Singapore continues to grow and progress. As the economy grows, so will such jobs. The demand for jobs in manufacturing continues to be stable and there is a constant need for such workers. However, there has been a growing trend for more workers with better soft skills for future growth purposes.

Communication and Media

This is one category of job which has seen a lot of changes in recent years. Large media companies have been setting up their offices in Singapore including Lucasfilm Animation. This means that there is a growing need for skilled employees who specializes in media production, animation and in the related areas. Besides that, Singapore has its own vibrant media and broadcasting industry. This creates a lot of jobs in journalism, production and broadcasting. On the other hand, advertising is still growing strong with the advent of digital media. As such, there has been a lot of demand for social media experts, specialists and such.

Education and Training

Despite being a small country in Southeast Asia, Singapore attracts some of the top foreign universities to its shores. Besides that, 2 of its universities here are among the top in the region and the world. As such, the demand for qualified people in the education and training sectors remain unchanged and is still very stable.

Human Resources

This is one area which constantly seeks qualified and capable workers. From policy makers to organizational leaders, HR is one of the most sought after jobs. This is mainly because of the growing job market in the country which attracts people from both the local and foreign communities, bringing together a healthy mix of skilled workers. With this landscape, the need for qualified HR personnel becomes more apparent than ever to undertake all the related issues pertaining not only to the hiring and firing but in the training and staff moral aspects as well.

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