Company of cats Cafe & Restaurant

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siongapore company of cats

Animal Human Alliance Pet Services (AHA) (and their adorable resident cat Ken Ken!) is our official pet food consultant.  We work closely with them to create a nutritious and balanced diet for our cats.  They are a pet shop that sells pet products only and not live animals, which is something The Company of Cats fully supports as we advocate for adoption and not buying of animals. AHA is a pet business with a heart, as the owner Chan devotes himself to encouraging and sponsoring monasteries to adopt stray animals.

C’mon Animal Lovers, come on board!

Animal Lovers League (ALL) is a non-profit organisation giving lodging, food, love and care to the many forsaken dogs and cats. Through the efforts of volunteers, countless cats and dogs have moved on from their undesirable past and found loving forever homes.  We deeply respect the great work that ALL does for the animal welfare scene in Singapore, and have committed to donating part of the proceeds from our entrance fees to ALL, as well as to work with them to run events & programmes on our premises to benefit the cause.

Just Anthony carries the widest range of fine Chinese antique furniture in Singapore.  We – and our cats – love our Just Anthony antique bamboo bench, as a nostalgic nod to the roots of our beautiful Chinese heritage shophouse.

The Company of Cats started out as a clubhouse for a bunch of feline pals to gather, do a little yoga, get high on catnip and bask in sunbeams. The furries have since gathered a few full-time servants who will be happy to settle you in, so come by, kick off your shoes and curl up with a cuppa and a kitty on your lap. There are books to read, delicious food to nosh on and of course, friendly felines that would love to rub faces with you.

Everything’s better in The Company of Cats.
Cakes, Hot Pocket Toasties, Desserts and Snacks

Cover Charge


$14 for first hour

$5 per subsequent 1/2hr




We would like all our visitors to have the best experience at our little cat café.

Help us ensure the happiness and safety of our cats and of yourselves

by observing these rules:

No rough handling
Please do not carry the cats
Do not wake a sleeping cat
No flash photography
Please do not feed the cats any human food or drinks
Please do not shout or run around loudly

If they get on your lap themselves, that’s OK!

Taking photos is OK!

Children must be at least 7 years old and supervised by an adult at all times.
Please do not bring your own pets.

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