National University of Singapore

  At Asia's Global Business School, they seek students who demonstrate high EQ and a strong drive to pursue all-round excellence, in addition to having good communication and leadership skills. They intend Singapore's NUS BBA to be the magnet in Asia for the most promising burgeoning leaders and managers with global aspirations; they are creating [...]

Moviemob Outdoor Entertainment & Corporate Event Specialist

MovieMob is a free Outdoor Drive-In Movie Screening concept that takes place in all locations all around Singapore. Since its inception in 2009 till date, we have had at least 200 Drive-In cars per MovieMob event and about 600-800 pax per MovieMob Picnic Event. In addition to this, we have built a community of MovieMobbers [...]

Singapore Education Funding

Studying in the course of your choice means you might have to use additional funds. In other words, you might need some form of financial aid if you are going to further your studies either locally in Singapore or otherwise. What does Education Funding means? In Singapore, there are various methods and schemes when it [...]

Singapore Expos

  Inspiring Spaces for conventions & exhibitions Singapore EXPO Convention and Exhibition Centre was officially opened in 1999, and is managed by Singex Venues Pte Ltd. Since its inception, EXPO has garnered numerous accolades amongst which they were voted third “Best Convention and Exhibition Facility in Asia” by CEI Asia readers in 2008, recognised as [...]

Fuel Prices and Car Ownership Cost in Singapore

Singapore, by virtue of being the southern neighbours of Malaysia has a totally different landscape when it comes to car ownership and fuel prices. One thing for sure, the price of fuel in Singapore differs between every brand. Competitive market in Singapore The main reason why fuel prices are different in Singapore is mainly because [...]

Types of Insurance

An insurance is type of service that you are bound to need at one point of your life. It is a long-term commitment which must be financially planned so that you do not get overburdened with too much installments. Insurance in Singapore Singapore, like any other countries has some of the top international insurance companies [...]

The Singapore Economy

Singapore has one of the most well-developed and vibrant economies in the world. It has a very high score in terms of economic freedom where it sits as the second freest in a recent survey. One of the highest ranked economies What makes the Singaporean economy so strong is due to several factors. Among them [...]

Singapore Currency

The Singapore Dollar or SGD is considered to be one of the most stable currencies in the world. In the country, the notes and coins are issued by MAS or Monetary Authority of Singapore. This came about in 2002 when the body took over this role from the merger with Singapore’s Board of Commissioners of [...]
Singapore as a Financial Hub

Singapore as a Financial Hub

Singapore has in many ways been at the top of the world whether it is entertainment, governance and tourism. But one of the most remarkable thing about Singapore is that it is commonly known as a financial hub not only within the region but across the world as well. World's top financial centre What makes [...]
Company Formation and Types of Companies in Singapore

Company Formation and Types of Companies in Singapore

Foreign investment is one of the major drivers of the Singapore economy. Voted and acknowledged as one of the best countries to start a business, Singapore is known for its legal and business policies which are friendly for both locals and foreigners. Besides that, Singapore is known for its consistent policies and stable governance for [...]