Top Places for Family Vacation

CEBU, PHILIPPINES Why go: It's a laidback city with awesome age-old churches, crystal-clear water teeming with marine life, fantastic shopping (fashion accessories specifically), good local food and wonderful hospitality. Things to do: If the golden sand beach doesn't keep you busy, go mango shopping (Cebuano mangoes are among the best in the country), visit guitar [...]

Family – Toys and Books

You will not find plastic pistols or light sabres in this toy store. Instead, this colourful and vibrant shop is filled to the hilt with an amazing range of wholesome toys designed to develop key skills in your growing child while enabling him to learn through fun and interaction. Savvy local parents have been fans [...]

Guide to Starting your own Business in Singapore

Online Goldmine Start a small business on the Internet Housewife Ng Bee Bee had just resigned from her job as an administrator so that she could stay home and spend time with her 10-year-old son. The first few weeks were a welcome relief from the stress of working full-time, but she soon began feeling bored. [...]

Family Health

Snacking is a great way to boost your energy level Research shows it is better to eat several small meals throughout the day than to eat three large meals. Besides keeping your energy level up, this also prevents unhealthy bingeing. However, you must be mindful of what you snack. Just because you're pregnant doesn't mean [...]

Family – Daycare and Child Support

Becoming parents is a joyful time for couples. You bond over baby, you delight in each milestone. But once the children start arriving, it's an ongoing struggle to make time for yourself, for each other, and most of all, as a couple. In the most successful marriages, couples make it a point to spend time [...]

Singapore Government Family Assistance

Marriage & Parenthood Schemes What you should know Many Singaporeans want to get married and have more children. However, some are deterred by the perceived challenges of raising a family – such as lack of time with their children, shortage of child care options, and an imbalance between work and family life. In response to [...]

Family – Toddler (19 mths – 3 yrs)

Top of the Tots Enrich your tot's minds at home A baby taught to read at six months old, a toddler learning to tumble at a baby gym…do these really give our children a headstart in life?  Many parents believe that the sooner their toddlers are stimulated, the more they'll learn in the long run, [...]
Baby Singapore Family

Family – Baby(from birth to 18 months)

6 Ways to Keep Baby Healthy We list ways to boost your baby's health, starting now! Now that your baby is born, there are even more things to worry about. A simple cough and cold can transform the most chilled out mum into a nervous wreck. And talk about crib death or respiratory problems are [...]

Family -Couplehood

Be a Lover, Not a Fighter What do all new parents commonly argue about? You'd expect things to change between you as a couple the minute your baby makes his appearance into this world. The weeks and months that follow his birth, you and your spouse are living in blurry days filled with a cycle [...]

Family – Nursing Baby

Confinement Nannies If you need help caring for baby in the first month, a confinement maid is just the ticket. She'll not only cook for you and teach you how to handle baby, she will show you babycare basics. Get your confinement maid to stay with you, or ask her to come in daily. "My [...]