Bar Stories – Exquisite Customized Cocktails

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If you are a lover of cocktail and appreciates the best things in life, you will always be on the hunt for hidden gems and bars that are always known to be ‘best-kept secrets’.

Craft and Cocktail

Bar Stories is probably the answer to anyone’s craving for exquisite craft and cocktail. It stemmed from the 2009-opened A Thousand Tales café. This was originally a café-furniture store which more or less livens up the atmosphere at Haji Lane, otherwise a quiet and peaceful street then.

Unmatched achievements

What makes Bar Stories so significant in this segment is that not only has it been successful in offering all types of beverages, its alumni have carried the brand to greater heights. In fact, some of them have become highly successful in the cocktail bars nationwide while others have been recognized and won awards too.

Customize and only customize

If you have ever wanted to make your own cocktail but has never know where to start, Bar Stories would be your ideal starting point. One thing for sure, you will never have a formal cocktail menu which means you are free to choose how you want it and what you want it with.

Wonderful Ambiance

When you go to places like Bar Stories, you will like your drink the way you desire. Meanwhile, you will want to enjoy the ambiance as well. This might not be as luxurious as how many upscale bars might be like. You will enjoy the laid-back environment and more chill-out type of atmosphere. After all, you will have to ensure that your voice can be heard when making your order. The place is not very huge, but it is ample for you to enjoy a drink over conversations. Most conversation topics here would be on the customized cocktails anyway, so take your time to enjoy whatever you have ordered and if you are in for an adventure, order a few.

You must have heard of Mixology

A new term this is not. This is where you can enjoy mixology at its best. The bartender is also known as a mixologist. Think about it! When you do not have a standard menu to choose your drinks from, you will need someone with the right knowledge to get you to what you want. In fact, you pick and choose whatever ingredients you want. A little homework might help you here, so you could read up a bit about what to put into your drinks before coming. Better still, let the mixologist help you and take one that is recommended. They will explain in detail for you all you need to know about what is inside your drink. It could be fresh orange or even egg white. Ultimately, it is your enjoyment that matters.

Bar Stories – Final Word

Bar Stories has been given many names. Hidden Gem. Best Kept Secret and many more. What makes this place exciting is that you feel at home after a few minutes (after ordering your drink). There is never any rush and you can sip along as you wish. The ambiance is superbly done to give you that chill-out feeling the longer you stay here. Take a while to let your imagination run wild and you would be in for a treat.

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