Government Bodies or Ministries in Singapore

Singapore Government Bodies

Similarly to many other governments, Singapore practices a government with several ministries and departments. In a ministry, a member of cabinet chairs and focuses on matters that are related to its area. This is known as the minister who is then assisted by a junior minister. Ministries and Departments As long as an individual works [...]

Universities in Singapore

As one of the most developed countries in the world, Singapore is home to some of the most advanced economies while being home to some top universities as well. That is why it produces among the top graduates in the world with some exemplary scholars and top-class courses. What makes Singapore such an attractive option [...]

Types of Insurance

An insurance is type of service that you are bound to need at one point of your life. It is a long-term commitment which must be financially planned so that you do not get overburdened with too much installments. Insurance in Singapore Singapore, like any other countries has some of the top international insurance companies [...]

The Singapore Economy

Singapore has one of the most well-developed and vibrant economies in the world. It has a very high score in terms of economic freedom where it sits as the second freest in a recent survey. One of the highest ranked economies What makes the Singaporean economy so strong is due to several factors. Among them [...]

Singapore Currency

The Singapore Dollar or SGD is considered to be one of the most stable currencies in the world. In the country, the notes and coins are issued by MAS or Monetary Authority of Singapore. This came about in 2002 when the body took over this role from the merger with Singapore’s Board of Commissioners of [...]

Jobs in Singapore

Singapore, being one of the top economies in the world attracts a lot of talents and skilled-workers. It is among the most fast-paced economies while offering some of the best jobs in the world today. Singapore and jobs What makes Singapore such an attractive place to work in is mainly because of the benefits and [...]
Top Beauty Brands in Singapore

Top Beauty Brands in Singapore

As a major shopping destination in the region, Singapore houses some of the major international brands of the world. Here, you will find some of the top cosmetics and makeup brands operating across the shopping centres and their own boutiques in the island. Top beauty brands There are actually a strong combination of international and [...]
Singapore as a Financial Hub

Singapore as a Financial Hub

Singapore has in many ways been at the top of the world whether it is entertainment, governance and tourism. But one of the most remarkable thing about Singapore is that it is commonly known as a financial hub not only within the region but across the world as well. World's top financial centre What makes [...]

Singapore for Foreigners

As a foreigner, working in Singapore can be very exciting. This is because the package for expatriates in Singapore can be very attractive with a lot of benefits and returns. There are several types of working permits in Singapore that a foreigner can apply for. Getting a work permit The Ministry of Manpower is the [...]
Company Formation and Types of Companies in Singapore

Company Formation and Types of Companies in Singapore

Foreign investment is one of the major drivers of the Singapore economy. Voted and acknowledged as one of the best countries to start a business, Singapore is known for its legal and business policies which are friendly for both locals and foreigners. Besides that, Singapore is known for its consistent policies and stable governance for [...]