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There are a lot of reasons why you want to visit Singapore Island. Besides the sun, sea and sand, there are an abundance of activities to go for each day. From the early hours of the day to night, you are bound to find something to do within the island and beyond the waters. This includes water sports, beach-side events and others.

Never-ending fun and leisure in Singapore

This is where you can read about all the activities available in Singapore. We list out the top 10 things to do here that covers the best tours, the best places to dive, the ideal places to eat and many more. You can check out the popular dive spots and what everyone is saying about them. Apart from that, you can read about the places of interests, top attractions and the famous beaches that make Singapore island one of the top travel destinations in the world.

Contacts section

This section gives you all the important contact information you will need about Singapore Island. Whether it is the police, medical centres or shopping centres, you will find all the information you need when during your visit. Regardless if you are coming to Singapore Island for business, leisure, for a long or short trip, you will need the contact information which will come in handy at anytime, anywhere. All you need is bookmark us and click from your phone.

All Contacts In One Place

If you are coming to Singapore Island for the first time, ensure that you have our contacts section within reach at all times. We ensure that all the authorities and crucial parties are listed here so that you can travel without any worries. Hotels and convenience stores are listed as well. You will find the name of the contact, address, telephone number, website and even Whatsapp or WeChat information if there is.

Food section

The most exciting thing about visiting any tourist destinations in Malaysia is the food. In Singaore, you can find food at almost every corner of the island. Check out the best restaurants in Singapore, the top Chinese seafood outlet or any other place to savour the local delights. So, whether it is a full meal or a simple in-between snack, you will find it here.

Find the best food in Singapore

One thing for sure, you will never be short of options when it comes to having a meal here. We have compiled the top and best places to eat here. Browse through the best seafood restaurants, all types of cuisines including Malay, Indian, Chinese and Western food and many more. Besides that, our food bloggers have gone all out to give you the best reviews you can find about Singapore food here.

Financial Services

Before you pick whether to purchase or sell off a particular services, you need to have proper information at your fingertips to allow you to decide wisely. Family.SG is here to guide you and offers all the information and facts you need to know.

Best of all, it is absolutely FREE! In fact, Family.SG is an ideal place to assess all services and products, especially financial products. Remember, it is extremely important to find out any information to ensure you can maximize your investment. Of course, we hope that you enjoy using services from Family.SG.


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